Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues

The Australian Greens acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s first peoples and recognise their strong cultural and spiritual connection with the land, and their rights and obligations as owners and custodians. We are committed to seeing these rights reflected in our laws and our society. All Australians, including those living in remote communities, have an equal right to essential government services such as health, education, training, housing, community infrastructure, employment support, and policing. We recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must be partners in the development and implementation of policies, programs and services that affect them.

The Greens are concerned that Governments continue to overlook the important international agreements that recognise the rights of indigenous peoples and do not invest enough in efforts to bridge the gaps in many areas of our society. We are committed to seeing an end to the Northern Territory Intervention and Stronger Futures Legislation, delivering Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, compensating the Stolen Generations and improving the Native Title system. 


Scullion should implement justice targets to stop Aboriginal kids landing in detention at hugely disproportionate rates

17 Mar 2016

Figures reported today showing Indigenous youth are 26 times more likely to be incarcerated than non-Indigenous youth should prompt immediate action from the Federal Government, Senator Rachel Siewert said today.


Coalition and Labor knock back Greens call to ditch income management

16 Mar 2016

The Coalition and Labor party have knocked back a Greens motion calling on the Government to ditch paternalistic income management that doesn’t work.


Community Development Programme is discriminatory and pushes Aboriginal people into working for below minimum wage: Greens

02 Mar 2016

The Australian Greens have today indicated their opposition to the Community Development Programme (CDP) legislation, tabling a dissenting report as part of the inquiry into the Bill.


Dennis Jensen calling Aboriginal people ‘noble savages’ is abhorrent

24 Feb 2016

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert comments on Dennis Jensen referring to Aboriginal peoples living in remote communities as ‘noble savages’:


Senate calls for Government to address high rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids in out of home care

22 Feb 2016

Senator Siewert’s motion calling on the Government to address the unacceptably high rates of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care has been supported by the Senate. It went through on the voices.


Greens will seek to table petition calling on Malcolm Turnbull to address hurtful Alan Jones comments

17 Feb 2016

Upon return to Parliament next week the Australian Greens will seek to table a petition urging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to show leadership and stand against Alan Jones' 'Stolen Generation' comments.


Dear Alan Jones, kids are still being taken away from families at a disproportionate rate

15 Feb 2016

“Alan Jones said this morning on radio that ‘we need Stolen Generations’. I have news for him, a huge number of children including Aboriginal kids are being taken from families around Australia as we speak.


Greens: Minister should not call Justice Targets ‘nonsense’ if he genuinely wants to Close the Gap on incarceration

12 Feb 2016

In the same week Malcolm Turnbull promised to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to Close the Gap, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs has referred to broadly supported Justice Targets as ‘nonsense’.


Malcolm should cut the innovation buzzwords and genuinely move to Close the Gap

10 Feb 2016

The bitterly disappointing Prime Minister’s report on Closing the Gap shows there are many areas with next to no change in cutting Aboriginal disadvantage across the key areas, Senator Rachel Siewert has said today.


Greens support Committee recommendations to Close the Gap for people with disability and stop racism in health care

10 Feb 2016

Recommendations by the Close the Gap Steering Committee that call for a national inquiry into racism in healthcare and Close the Gap targets for Aboriginal people with disability and imprisonment rates have been welcomed by the Australian Greens.  

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