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Greens voice concerns over work for the dole measures

30 Oct 2014

The Australian Greens have deep concerns about the Government’s mooted increase to sanctions, mutual obligations and expanded for the work for the dole scheme, saying the unjustified measures appear likely to affect remote communities first, and then be extended to jobseekers across the country.


Senate opposes move to collapse biosecurity operations

28 Oct 2014

The Senate has today backed an Australian Greens motion calling on the Government to rule out any push to integrate Australia's biosecurity operations into the new Australian Border Force Agency. 


Greens welcome Joint Committee report on Constitutional Recognition

27 Oct 2014

The Australian Greens have welcomed the tabling of the Progress Report of the Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and are encouraging all MPs to engage in a full debate of the recommendations presented.


Tougher requirements for DPS recipients will put work further out of reach

27 Oct 2014

The Australian Greens said today that a proposed toughening of compliance and participation requirements for Disability Support Pension recipients could have significant adverse consequences for people with disability.


Greens raise concern that Federal loopholes could see drum lines continue

25 Oct 2014

The Australian Greens said today they were concerned that a loophole may be created that still allows Colin Barnett to deploy drumlines off WA beaches.

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Barnett backs down from Federal shark cull assessment

24 Oct 2014

The Australian Greens said today that Premier's decision to withdraw his shark cull from Federal Government assessment should finally signal an end of the flawed policy.

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