Greens act to improve NDIS transparency


The Australian Greens said today they will seek improved mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability around the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Disabilities said today she would pursue a new mechanism through Senate Estimates to ensure the NDIS rollout was properly examined.
Senator Siewert also said she had reached an agreement with the Government that additional information on the rollout would be provided through regular briefings to the Parliamentary Friends of People with Disability Group.
“Stakeholder groups have been expressing concern over the lack of information, awareness and transparency on the rollout of the NDIS,” Senator Siewert said today.
“To be effective, the NDIS needs to closely engage with those groups across the country who represent Australians living with a disability.
“An improved Senate Estimates mechanism would help ensure that the rollout can be examined closely without adding an additional layer of bureaucracy to the process.
“The Greens have spoken to a range of stakeholders who voice concern about today’s attempt by the Coalition to form a joint committee to examine the NDIS.
“Stakeholders feel, as do the Greens, that such a committee would hamper the NDIS rollout process unnecessarily but agree that increased transparency and review of the process is needed.
“The Greens absolutely support the notion of cross-party support for an NDIS. Our commitment to cross-party support does not extend to mechanisms which will complicate, but not enhance the rollout process.
“A number of stakeholders have contacted my office about this proposal and voiced their serious reservations.

“Stakeholders have been clear with us about this issue. They are wary of any action which adds further, unnecessary oversight to an already complex process.

“A clearer estimates process and improved briefings from the Government is the best way to achieve an improved flow of information to stakeholders and the community,” Senator Siewert concluded.