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The Access All Areas map below is a compilation of universal access issues throughout Australia submitted by people with disability, their carers, family and friends, using the Access All Areas app for iPhone.

You can zoom in and move the map to see the feedback submitted from your area.

To add your own feedback, get the Access All Areas iPhone, iPad or Android application and send us a report.

Get the app for Apple iOS here.

Get the app for Android here.

If you don't have one of the devices then simply email your feedback with the location and a photo to

Most of us take for granted that we can easily go to the bank, shops, pool, have coffee with friends, attend concerts and sporting events, and all the other many different things we do in our ordinary everyday lives. However, for people with disability such simple everyday tasks can be extremely challenging.The lack of accessibility for people with disability in our communities limits people's independence and compromises their quality of life. More than 27 per cent of respondents to a recent disability survey identified lack of access to the environment as a barrier to their full participation in the life of the community.

The Australian Greens want to make sure our communities are accessible for everyone.

We recognise that this will require the efforts of local, state and federal governments, as well as businesses, groups and individuals. Together we can work to increase understanding and awareness of this issue and to create more inclusive communities to the benefit of us all.

People with disability, their carers, friends and families, are invited to share your experiences of participating in community life and help us to keep access on the agenda.

So tell us, where are the most obvious barriers to the participation of people with disability in your area? We know that the community is diverse and that everyone has different needs. What are the specific challenges you face participating in your community? Is it steps, footpaths, toilets, audio loops or parking? What change is needed for you to be able to access all areas? (Photos really help, so make sure you include one so we can see what you mean).

But the app isn't just about the barriers. We also want you to tell us the positive experiences. We want to be able to share the good news when services, businesses, events and facilities are inclusive and easily accessible to all people.

Your feedback is sent to the Greens Spokesperson for Disability Issues, Senator Rachel Siewert. The Greens will collate the information from the app and prepare a report which we will present in Parliament Personal contact details will not be made public or included in any reporting.

We will also make the formal report publically available so this information can be fed into other government processes including the work of the Australian Human Rights Commission and local government.

Let's work together to make our communities more inclusive. You can read more about our plans for the Access All Areas app here.

Get the app for Apple iOS here.

Get the app for Android here.

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